Sep 17 2011

Review: 7tm Tour (2004-05)


Coul Archive: This review was first published in
Couloir XVII-3, Dec.’04

The biggest innovation in telemark bindings this season (’04-’05) comes straight from 7tm and Karhu. We’ve begged for an easily accessible, integrated, free-pivot for telemark touring, and our pleas have finally been heeded. What? The binding releases too? Sweet Mary, the Grail must be near.

When I first got on the 7tm Tour and stretched skin to ski, the initial steps brought one reaction. Smile. Make that a BIG smile. The stride felt so free and easy, much bigger than anything outside the world of AT or splitboarding. The changeover between climb and descend is quick and easy, once you get the hang of using a pole tip to lock and unlock the lever. One potential problem; in the right, er wrong, conditions the lever can get iced up. But it frees up easily by hooking a ski leash to it and pulling it free. If you like to rack up vertical and still want to feel fresh for the downhill, what are you still slogging for? Break trail like a caribou. The answer is here.

Range of motion is a solid 63+ degrees AND it has a safety release too!!!

According to Couloir’s highest standards for appropriateness of use, the exclusive integrated-release telemark binding worthy of earning your turns in avalanche terrain is the 7tm Tour. The Voilé Hardwire 3-Pin comes close, but zero resistance touring tips the scales a full order of magnitude in favor of the 7tm-Tour. Some of us are addicted to active bindings and ignore or downplay the need for release and tour-ability, justifying the sacrifice for downhill power. But, there don’t need to be trade-offs or compromises. Right?

For those who put a premium on touring efficiency and smart safety in avalanche terrain, the 7tm Tour is the only choice.

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