Nov 22 2015

Pt. III: Taming the Self-Deprecation Avy Dragon

Continued from Taming Your Avalanche Dragon, published 17nov15.

Getting a read on Colorado's early season snow lizards.

Getting a read on Colorado’s early season snow lizards.


If self-deprecation is our dragon we do not feel worthy. We suffer from a lack of self-confidence and feel that our contribution is not of value, so we do not speak up and share what we know. If we have this dragon and are paired with an individual with the arrogance dragon, watch out. If arrogance sets up an unhealthy hierarchy, a person who suffers from self-deprecation reinforces it.

Self-deprecation is a lack of confidence to the point that we forfeit our voice in the decision making process. We may possess the most relevant piece of information, but we are too afraid to share it because we feel we carry no value in our perceptions. If we consider that all parties exposed to the hazard of an avalanche are risking the same thing — their life — then from an ethical perspective, each person deserves a voice. If self-deprecation is our dragon, we need to become aware of it, gather our courage and speak up. Fear is what feeds all dragons, and it is up to us with the self-deprecation dragon to master social courage.

Taming Your Avalanche Dragons

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