Oct 23 2014

Beans & Rice Freeride – SII, E1


Sakson in Jackson. Pow!

Sakson in Jackson. Pow!

Funny how some things never change. AT skiers love to deride telemarkers as dope-smokin’, tree huggin’ hippies with a license to suck. Truth is, the license to suck isn’t limited to skiing with a free heel, nor is anything else.

It is with a sense of humor that Jake Sakson and friends embrace being backcountry hippies. While the delivery of their lines won’t win any academy awards, the lines spoken are as apt as the lines taken in this short video; the first episode of the Beans & Rice Freeride series’ second season.

Some great skiing and photography with just enough POV to keep it interesting while wallowing in the deep.

Episode 1/2 (2014) – Nightmares to Dreams from BeansandRiceFreeride on Vimeo.

One thing I love about tele — the pow is always knee-deep.

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