Nov 28 2011

Glove Luv: Outdoor Research’s Vert Glove

Outdoor Research: Vert Gloves  MSRP: $65  Warm when you're active, tough, and easy to put on even when you're hands are soaked.

Outdoor Research: Vert Gloves MSRP: $65 Warm when you’re active, tough, and easy to put on even when you’re hands are soaked.

Gloves are one of those pieces of clothing that are not only necessary for winter lovers, but also rather personal in the features that matter to each of us. It is unlikely that the majority of readers will agree with my appraisal of what makes a great glove. For the few who share my priorities, however, here’s why Outdoor Research’s Vert gloves have become my first choice for general protection while backcountry skiing, shoveling snow, or biking in cool temperatures.

The main reason I like the Verts so much is because they are not over insulated. A thin, brushed tricot lining is all they provide for insulation. It does a superb job of wicking moisture away from your hands. That means there are many times when they aren’t the best glove for the job for either, like when I’m blowing snow, not shoveling it, or the snow is dropping from the sky heavy, wet and driven by the wind. For that I want more insulation and protection. But for most of my time, especially backcountry skiing, I just want a protective layer to hold the heat in that is being created while skinning uphill, or shed the wind and light snow to keep my hands dry.

It is rare, but an added bonus when you can actually perform tasks that require finger dexterity with these gloves. I still have to take the Verts off for tasks that require tactile sensation on my skin, but there are a surprising number of things I can do with the Verts – far more than any other glove I’ve tried (except a long dead version of Windstopper gloves by Black Diamond).

The 2010 version is what this review is based on. Shudda bought a spare pair. The 11/12 version adds leather to the back of your knuckles, and the center of the palm.

A leather palm helps to provide good grip and the box construction of the fingers maintains good circulation. The backside is made of a stretchy, breathable fabric that does a great job of venting moisture buildup from the inside, shedding moisture from the outside and blocking wind. The wrist skirt isn’t huge, but is long enough to give decent overlap with a jacket cuff.

One final touch has proven to be a superb design choice. A solid loop of webbing is sewn to the collar which is very convenient for hanging the gloves to dry, or holding on to with your opposite hand while you pull your fingers inside.

If you get cold hands easily, these gloves will not be warm enough. For those who like a thin but durable glove that won’t have your palms sweating while you’re working, OR’s Vert Gloves are an excellent choice.

Outdoor Research
Vert Glove
MSRP: $49

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