Apr 14 2013

Lil’ Morrison Powder

Hey, ski season ain’t over yet, okay? Not for me. But review season needs a breather —

It’s a Powder Monday somewhere today. Pssst, don’t tell the boss.

— at least for a day, maybe longer. Rather than go stale, figured this site could use a fresh face. Maybe not as fresh as your girlfriends, but something different, something we all aspire to be doing instead of viewing.

© 2013

  • http://ThompsonPass.Com/ Matt Kinney

    ah that gear reviewing…….over and over and over and over and over and then the s@#ts obsolete by next season.

    A few weeks ago I held up my worn telemark boots next to a worn pair of new- age AT boots and asked my wife what her first impression was about the boots.

    After staring at them for a few moments, she said, “They look the same.”

    I chuckled and gave her a hug.

    On to spring!