Mar 06 2011

Author: Peter Kray

Before the next post goes out, let me introduce Peter Kray. There are a lot of writers in the world, especially on the web, who can only dream of words spilling out of our brains onto paper the way Peter Kray weaves a story with a view.

When he first introduced himself on the phone, he wasn’t sure if I would be interested in his, for lack of a better term, poetic writing style. I wasn’t sure either, but thought I understood what he meant and replied I had never published anything of that caliber because no one had ever submitted anything like that.

He sent it in, and the rest is the history of our working friendship spanning over 15 years. Pete wrote some of, if not the sweetest words ever published in Couloir to the skiing world. Give him a keyboard and let him run free and you’ll be right there with him in thought if not in deed as he wanders through the wilderness, sharing thoughts on the climb and the road back home. He evokes the evisceral strings of the heart like he’s playing a spiritual harp.

Captain of the Shred, White & Blue...Peter Kray.

Most writers in the ski business are just trying to justify getting pro-deal on equipment. Peter is there to talk about the world and show his skill as an outdoor loving wordsmith. He puts words together the way an artist blends colors to reveal something more than mere paint on a canvas. It shows.

Lucky for us, he’s a skier, so there’s natural motivation to read what he writes. You’ve seen his words all over the place, but you might not have realized it. In the months ahead I’ll dig out a few of his stories from the pages of, um, how do you say it? Cooler…right?

Next post — a timeless reflection on something that all skiers and snowboarders can all appreciate — the religion of weather.



You can read more of Pete’s words at Shred, White & Blue.