Jul 03 2012

Review: Kelty Carport


The ultimate base camp.

Car camping is great because you can bring all kinds of lifes conveniences, yet still get away from it all. Even so, if it starts to rain, or the desert sun is taking it’s toll it would sure be nice to have an extra room off your van, or camper shell, without having to buy a Winnebago.

Enter the Kelty Carport. It’s super easy to set up and attach to the side of a van or SUV via a roof rack, or off the back, or between trees over a picnic table. Set up is fairly intuitive and it’s lightweight enough to pack in for, say, a week long basecamp trip to establish a cushy kitchen or dining area while ripping couloirs for breakfast. Or use it on your patio at home as a huge sun shade.

Weight: L-8 lb., 2 oz.,min.
Floor Area: L-113 ft.2,
Price: $ 330 (Lg)

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