Feb 01 2011

Stoke: Wasatch Jan. 23, 2011

Tyler Cohen skinning up in the Wasatch, 23jan11.

For the first time ever I managed to get out and make a few turns while at the annual Outdoor Retailer Trade show. Actually, as an ambassador for Brooks-Range I had to. It was a media tour, only this time I was on the other side, as a manufacturing representative. Quite weird for me, but it was cool to meet some of the new pens in the industry.


Tyler Cohen, associate editor with Backcountry Magazine, admires the sight of turns to come. This slope is classic heli-terrain. Although it looks like it’s been heli-trashed, all those turns were earned. It was a Sunday, a designated no-fly day for this slope off the back of Mt. Superior. You may notice a few specs on the skin track, two near the bottom, two near the top. All those tracks were made by only four backcountry skiers. Nice work boys!

  • Brent Heffner

    Pictures like that make me miss Utah!