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Nov 23 2015

Waxless Metal-edged Ski Roundup

Fattest of the phat. Voile's Charger BC.

  It was over a decade ago that Fischer broke the mold with waxless metal edged skis when they introduced their S-Bound series. In the interim, Karhu pushed the envelope with their 78mm wide Guide, then Voile picked up the ball where Karhu left it, and kept expanding the waistline to 115mm with their Charger …

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Mar 04 2015

Review: Voile Charger BC

Voile Charger BC. Fat, waxless, metal edged.

  I have been skiing the ‘regular’ Charger (181cm) for the last two seasons. I love them. They turn on a dime, float like a butterfly, etc. I had been considering a fish scaled, down hill oriented ski as there are some areas I ski with short (¼—½ mile) approaches or exits that are just …

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Apr 20 2012

TR: Hull Mt., April 18, 2012

Hull Mt. as seen from Elk Mt. on the way in.

Headed up to Hull again. I was jibbing solo. The weather was warm. I was hoping for more fog. If the sun came out, the snow would not be good. Lucky for me, the weather report was showing a chance of rain. Oh, good. Cloud cover to protect the snow. I drove up Tuesday. Lots …

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Apr 09 2012

Review: Voile Vector BC – One ski to farm it all?

It turns, it glides, it strides and climbs. It's a cross-country, no a downhill, NO!..it's a Vector BC.

Depending on what your fave form of sliding is, Voile’s Vector BC is one of the few skis that spans a broad enough range of usefulness to qualify as a backcountry quiver of one. The more time you spend mixing it up with kick ‘n’ glide tours, or casual strolls in the woods and foothills, to earning turns, the more appropriate the Vector BC is.

Mar 07 2012

Review: Fischer S-Bound 112

Fischer's S-Bound 112. Plenty of width for flotation, plenty of pattern for grip, and a nice sidecut for easy turns.

With a fatter ski you might think they create more drag, but actually, and especially when you’re breaking trail they make it easier because they aren’t constantly “submarining” in the snow. Plus they have better grip thanks to more waxless surface area.

Sep 28 2011

PR: Marquette Backcountry Ski

Fat skis for fat...snow.

Seems like there’s a move afoot to turn slowshoe fans in to skiers. The common elements of that theme are to produce a fat ski that is easy to walk in, can go uphill without adding anything special (waxes or climbing skins), and has enough glide to make turns downhill. Add to that list a …

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Jan 25 2011

OR Winter 2011 – renewed interest in Tele Lite

Tourminator 4 returns. MSRP: $279. Click to enlarge.

The annual Outdoor Retailer Winter trade show has come and gone again. The most encouraging news to report is the return of Scarpa’s T4 and a resurgence of interest in light telemark gear. According to some manufacturers, it accounts for as much as 25% of the market for telemark gear. T4 isn’t the only sign …

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