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May 29 2013

Beacon Review: Ortovox D3

The Ortovox D3

  Note: Though discontinued this review is published for the benefit of those who are considering purchasing a used D3 beacon. Overview For those who just want a beacon that you simply turn on and follow the lights to the victim, the D3 is hard to pass up. Ergonomics The D3 maintains the classic, integrated …

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Apr 03 2012

Review: Pieps DSP and DSP Tour

Pieps DSP - Long range and easy to use for single or multiple victims.

It doesn’t take long before you realize that Pieps is the range leader when it comes to modern avalanche beacons. In test after test the DSP or Tour have the longest, most reliable receive range available (circa Jan. 2012). Whatever the configuration, single, multiple, best or worst coupled, other beacons can only hope to equal …

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Mar 14 2012

Review: Ortovox S1

Ortovox's technological leader, the S1

The Sophisticated One, thanks to a graticle display and some amazing software can not only tell you distance and direction for a single beacon, but can show the relative positions, distances and directions of up to three at a time, four on a good day

Nov 16 2011

Review: Barryvox Pulse (2011, v3.0)

Captions info

Overview The Pulse doesn’t just up the ante from two to three antennas, but four. However, truth be told the value of this fourth antenna is as obvious as an appendix. To even mention the availability of this perhaps detracts from the value of the Pulse. The fourth antenna does nothing to help you find …

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