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Apr 17 2015

Take it off! Zippered baselayers from
Northern Playground

Skinning up in howling winds at 70° north.

  Regulating body heat when your heart is pumping hard to keep up with your lungs and legs is typically a balance between wearing the right amount of insulation combined with the ability to bleed off the heat and consequent sweat. Some of that can be managed by what fibers you chose to wear next …

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Nov 09 2011

BC Update: Salomon/Atomic AT Binding

Switches between locked and free without having to exit the binding.

Since being sent photos from Darren Rhalves garage of the new Alpine Touring binding coming from Salomon and Atomic some details could be immediately understood, and a few assumed, but some were missing. When presented with the evidence already made public the Salomon PR folks graciously put me in touch with Cody Townsend, one of …

Keep making backcountry turns

Sep 18 2011

Review: 7tm Tour (2005-06)

7tm is TUV certified for release.

Coul Archive: This review was first published in Couloir XVIII-4, Dec.’05 We asked for it, and 7tm delivered it. The 7tm Tour is a telemark binding with safety release and a way to switch off tension on our heels for touring like our randonnée brothers and sisters. A simple latch beneath the toe plate allows …

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Jun 28 2011

Review: Black Diamond’s Seeker

Placeholder image and text. BD Seeker, v1.  MSRP: $ 649

The Seeker….more of a small big boot than a big small boot…optimized more for turning than for earning.

Jan 25 2011

OR Winter 2011 – renewed interest in Tele Lite

Tourminator 4 returns. MSRP: $279. Click to enlarge.

The annual Outdoor Retailer Winter trade show has come and gone again. The most encouraging news to report is the return of Scarpa’s T4 and a resurgence of interest in light telemark gear. According to some manufacturers, it accounts for as much as 25% of the market for telemark gear. T4 isn’t the only sign …

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