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Mar 13 2013

Mantis: Elegant home brewed TTS

Mantis: a carbon fibre plate for integrating a telemark cable with a tech toe.

Editor’s Note: The fact that several people are tinkering on their own with the TTS concept verifies two things. First, that tele is far from dead. Secondly, that the future of further progress in the telemark world will be found where the grass roots energy is flowering in spite of the lack of commercial development. …

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Jan 31 2013

Technique: Modifying TTS Heel Post

With a little grinding action the TTS climbing wires can be a LOT easier to engage.

The original Telemark Tech System binding was a bit crude but was close enough to yield a glimpse of what the future of telemark bindings might provide. Mark Lengel, the inventor of the system admits that the binding is effectively still a beta binding, but the current incarnation is vastly improved over the first prototype. …

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Aug 01 2012

Review: TTS v2.0 w/Scarpa F1s

The Telemark Tech System v2 w/ La Sportiva RT Tech Toe, G3 springs, TTS heel lever and climbing post.

If TTS has significant negative traits with respect to climbing, I did not find any…[but] I will need more days in various snow conditions to adequately assess the downhill chops of the system.

Dec 14 2011

Tinkering with Tech Toes + Axl Springs

TTS dynafit-telemark shift plate mock up

…not only did it work, but it worked incredibly well. It was as smooth as any binding I’d ever skied, it had a modicum of release, brake potential (available with La Sportiva and ATK tech bindings), it was lightweight, it had three effective levels of activity, and because there’s no toe box, there was no toe crunch or bellows collapse. I skied for three hours that day, made hundreds of turns, and it felt great!

Sep 25 2011

Dynafit goes bi-sensual! Can you believe it?

John Holleman keeps it tight and light. Tioga Peak, California.

You won’t believe it! The concept behind Mark Lengel’s Telemark Tech System binding is so simple it’s a wonder no one tried it before. Perhaps there was a quack or two out there who did and didn’t even believe it themselves, or they thought no one else would, so they abandoned it (after all, they’re …

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Apr 27 2011

Review: Verdict on Telemark Tech System

Peter Leh easily holds an edge on 'packed powder' with the TTS binding.

Some may pooh-pooh this as being a fringe element of telemark skiing. Indeed it is. But the future is determined by those who push to redefine boundaries, not those who accept what is.

Feb 09 2011

Review: Day 2 on TTS beta binding

Dynafit is not just the binding platform of choice for ski mountaineers with locked heels, but those with a tele-style free heel too.

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