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Nov 29 2012

Review: Garmont’s Excursion

An excellent light weight tele boot for going the distance and rippin' tele turns.

  The Excursion is Garmont’s superlight touring boot. In days of old it came with a thermomoldable Gfit liner and weighed almost a pound less than a comparable pair of T4’s. Sadly, it now comes with a preformed, alpine style liner with little moldability. However, as one of the very few lightweight boots with some …

Keep making backcountry turns

Jun 07 2012

Rerun: Touring with Luddites

Cover image of Couloir magazine Vol. 14-5, Spring 2002

© 2002 “Bet the person who skied that face soiled his shorts.” Nils Larsen, telemark videographer, telemark instructor, telemark equipment consultant, and all around zealot of this subspecies of skiing, is standing beside me studying the face of Excelsior Mountain, a 12,446 foot peak near the northeastern border of Yosemite National Park and the tracks …

Keep making backcountry turns

Apr 09 2012

Review: Voile Vector BC – One ski to farm it all?

It turns, it glides, it strides and climbs. It's a cross-country, no a downhill, NO!..it's a Vector BC.

Depending on what your fave form of sliding is, Voile’s Vector BC is one of the few skis that spans a broad enough range of usefulness to qualify as a backcountry quiver of one. The more time you spend mixing it up with kick ‘n’ glide tours, or casual strolls in the woods and foothills, to earning turns, the more appropriate the Vector BC is.

Mar 26 2012

Review: Telemark Tech System (ver. 2.0)

The Telemark Tech System practically disappears on the ascent.

If you’ve been waiting for TTS to grow up a bit, it has. The chubby cable posts and ill fitting heel posts are more slender, functional, and adaptable. Equally importantly the heel lever got the nose job it needed to snap onto the heel step of any compatible boot. Weight matters. Power matters. Why carry more than you need to?

Feb 27 2012

Going superlight, Tele Lite!

Tele on lite gear, back in the day near Baldy Hut, San Antonio, California.

The world is not clamoring for skinny backcountry skis. But I’m convinced that, at least in the form of the Glittertind + strong system boot, they can form a workable, useful system with some major strengths where AT, heavy tele, or splitboards are weak

Dec 26 2011

Review: Fischer BCX875 Boot

Fischer's BCX875. A stripped down SuperComp for Nordic-style turn earning tours.

Fischer has added some beef to their Nordic ski boot program with their BCX875 boot. This is a 75mm soled boot, aimed at the rugged touring (S-Bound) crowd who like to make a few tele turns while cruising the woods and foothills.