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Jul 20 2012

BC News: New Rubicon Trail agreement

  Years of effort by Snowlands Network, other environmental organizations and concerned individuals culminated in an agreement between the Forest Service and diverse interests that will close the Rubicon (Off-Road) Trail at times to protect water quality and prevent erosion.   The agreement will also allow improvements to the Rubicon Trail to move forward.

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Mar 17 2012

TR: Knob Jr, NE Lake Tahoe

Got fresh if you want it, but it's perishable so don't wait too long to get some yourself.

The thought of traveling to Sugar Bowl via the long way around I-80 ‘stead of directly up the switchbacks of Old Hwy. 40 didn’t sound appealing, especially for terrain that was too familiar, and bound to be overrun with too many people on a Saturday. No, with up to four feet at elevation it was …

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Feb 06 2011

Tahoe conditions & TTS tease

Spring has spring here in the Sierra. It’s full on corn season and finally, today, the sun came out and the wind died.

Sep 23 2010

California TRs from The Back Country


A few of you have noticed that I’m starting to make a bit of progress with filling this site out with content related to backcountry skiing. To that end, I’d like to start compiling a listing of great sites that post good trip reports. There are a ton of them out there so if you …

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