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Jan 01 2013

TR: West Shore Lake Tahoe (31dec12)

The spirit of Dan floats down through Sierra Cement.

  Yesterday was a classic Powder Monday. Two old ski buddies were in town and the plan was simple — take a tour somewhere around Lake Tahoe. West Shore beckoned and we took the bait. Russ, Ethan and I rendezvoused at The Back Country then headed south on Hwy. 89. There were three parking pull-outs …

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Mar 24 2012

Techniques: Kick Turns on Steep Terrain

Back in the day when skis were skinny and kick-turns were for downhill too!

One variety, the snap-kick turn is useful in deep snow, and practically essential on steep terrain. Without the snap-kick turn you can be in a rather precarious position when it comes to changing direction on a skin track, especially in glacial terrain where the consequences of a fall might be fatal.