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Jun 22 2014

Whirlwind behind the Tahoe Food Hub

Susie Sutphin in a Tahoe Food Hub grow dome.

  To meet Susie Sutphin is to meet a whirlwind of energy. My first impression of her was at the annual Outdoor Retailer trade show where she was looking for sponsorship as a telemark skier. The year was 1998. At the time it seemed a misguided use of energy for such a small niche, but …

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Jun 17 2014

Another Reason to Go Organic

  When colon cancer took John Holleman from my small circle of friends we all saw his passing as the warning shot that things we took for granted were not always what they seemed. John was one of the fittest men I knew. He ripped tele turns with an athletes balance of power and finesse …

Keep making backcountry turns

Aug 27 2013

Clif Bar: Delicious organic energy

Handy, tasty, organic, recycleable.

  Being the first is often considered a key to success in business. To be certain, it lends an advantage but only if the product is strong enough to withstand the stresses of competition. In the long run, the better product usually wins. It will if consumers are given free will to chose. Even though …

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