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Oct 03 2012

Review: Scarpa’s TX – a T2 for NTN

Scarpa's Terminator-X - a T2 for NTN - TX for short.

Of the NTN compatible boots I’ve skied, Scarpa’s TX is most like their T2-Eco. It has enough cuff to drive a fat ski, but it is flexible enough that it yields a comfortable stride for stretches of dry trail or skinning the flats. Many of today’s rando boots give a larger range of motion in the cuff, but you won’t notice it much except on the flats, and only if you know better.

Feb 07 2011

Review: Day 1 with TTS beta binding

Dynafiddle Toe + Voile cable w/radical pivot location  + Hammerheel.  2&frac14 lbs. per pair.  Click to enlarge.

The TTS binding uses a Dynafit (aka Tech) toe with a classic telemark cable with compression spring cartridges that latches around the heel of the boot. It only works with NTN boots that have Tech fittings.