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Nov 24 2014

Review: Dynafit TLT 6 AT boot

Cuff ROM is an impressive 18° with the tongue, more without.

  When you’re ready to go long, whether that means deeper into the backcountry, or higher, or simply maximizing vertical even if it’s just line of sight from the trailhead, you know that weight matters and downhill performance will be compromised. Whether that compromise is too much depends in large part on how well you …

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Aug 23 2014

Some boots incompatible with Dynafit Beast

Notice the difference in location of the alignment pins relative to notches in the side.

  Dynafit sent out a notice recently announcing a few models of boots that are known to be incompatible with their Beast binding, both the 16 and 14 DIN models. The Beast features a rotating toe unit and the heel unit requires a special after market Power Insert that covers the top of the boot …

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May 14 2014

Tech Talk: What’s a millimeter between 2-pins?

Going forward, angular rotation of the toe will be a common feature of Dynafit toe units.

  Let me be up front here, this discussion may be too much minutia about something that only affects a small percentage of AT skiers. Nonetheless, it may provide insight for those who use Dynafit style tech bindings, or those looking to buy in. A number of people have complained, myself included, on the need …

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Dec 31 2013

Review: La Sportiva’s Spectre

Spectre - make for walking up, rockin' down.

When you first lay eyes on La Sportiva’s Spectre you can’t help but think this is a specialized rando race boot. The svelte marketing photos do nothing to prevent that view. Considering it weighs around 3 pounds per boot (mondo size 26.5) and has a huge cuff ROM for longer strides while walking or skinning …

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Oct 14 2013

First Look: Dynafit’s Beast 16

Beta version of the Dynafit Beast 16

  The saying goes, “Light is right, but weight is great.” Even Dynafit is acknowledging that with the introduction of their next generation tech binding, the Beast 16. At almost a kilogram per foot (actually only 966 grams or 34 oz.) it is a beast of a binding, especially for a company firmly rooted with …

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Aug 01 2012

Review: TTS v2.0 w/Scarpa F1s

The Telemark Tech System v2 w/ La Sportiva RT Tech Toe, G3 springs, TTS heel lever and climbing post.

If TTS has significant negative traits with respect to climbing, I did not find any…[but] I will need more days in various snow conditions to adequately assess the downhill chops of the system.

Mar 26 2012

Review: Telemark Tech System (ver. 2.0)

The Telemark Tech System practically disappears on the ascent.

If you’ve been waiting for TTS to grow up a bit, it has. The chubby cable posts and ill fitting heel posts are more slender, functional, and adaptable. Equally importantly the heel lever got the nose job it needed to snap onto the heel step of any compatible boot. Weight matters. Power matters. Why carry more than you need to?