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Feb 29 2016

1st Look: Lange’s XT Free Tour AT Boot

Lange finally adds tech inserts to the XT Free Tour. Lighter, AT worthy with better ROM, but skis like a Lange.

Ever since Lange first entered the Alpine Touring market with the XT I’ve only had one question. Not how well it skied, or how well it fit but when would it come with tech inserts? When parent Rossignol inked a deal last year to put a Look label on a Dynafit Radical the writing was …

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Nov 24 2014

Review: Dynafit TLT 6 AT boot

Cuff ROM is an impressive 18° with the tongue, more without.

  When you’re ready to go long, whether that means deeper into the backcountry, or higher, or simply maximizing vertical even if it’s just line of sight from the trailhead, you know that weight matters and downhill performance will be compromised. Whether that compromise is too much depends in large part on how well you …

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May 14 2014

Tech Talk: What’s a millimeter between 2-pins?

Going forward, angular rotation of the toe will be a common feature of Dynafit toe units.

  Let me be up front here, this discussion may be too much minutia about something that only affects a small percentage of AT skiers. Nonetheless, it may provide insight for those who use Dynafit style tech bindings, or those looking to buy in. A number of people have complained, myself included, on the need …

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May 05 2014

Review: Devilish details of Fritschi’s Vipec

Meet the new fiddler in town - Diamir's Vipec 12

  First year products usually need a bit of refinement before they are solid. The devil is in the details they say, and some of those don’t reveal themselves until you add ignorance to the picture; something only a customer can provide. Fritschi Diamir’s new Vipec is no different. By and large it works well, …

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Apr 30 2014

Review: OMG’s TTS toe – beta, not better

TTS for 2014. Better cable posts and the first American 2-pin tech toe.

  It has been a season now since Olympus Mountain Gear has introduced their own 2-pin tele toe to make a complete binding package. The looming question, is it ready for prime time, or is it still a beta binding? Sadly, the OMG’s toe piece confirms beta status, albiet with good performance if you’re willing …

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Dec 24 2013

First Look: Fritschi Diamir’s Vipec 12

Fritschi adds a tech binding to their plate.

  The new Vipec 12 from Fritschi Diamir appears poised to follow through on what G3 threatened to do – upset the landscape of the two-pin tech binding world dominated since inception by its founder, Dynafit. Two things separate this binding from the majority of tech bindings that are proliferating in the market. Elasticity to …

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Oct 27 2013

Picking the right Tech Binding

Fritschi joins the Tech binding club with Vipec 12.

  Choosing whether or not to go all in with alpine touring is a question that begets several more. First, are you serious? If you’re not, just get a passport binding to get you going until you’re undeniably hooked on the backcountry. Once you’re hooked then it’s time to get serious with your attitude, and …

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