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Jan 23 2018

Stoked Stix – better than ‘bucks

Get stoked. Smooth, rich and strong without specialized cookware. Add hot water and serve.

Ordinarily instant coffee is reserved for road trips and backcountry tours. However, it only took one sample cup of Stoked Stix for me to modify my daily routine. In fact, I sort of sabotaged my original plan, which was to use Stoked Stix instant coffee on a five day tour along the crest of the …

Keep making backcountry turns

Jun 24 2012

Review: Jet Boil stove system

Jet Boil - efficient, lightweight, compact.

The stove itself isn’t the hottest burner on the market, but when combined with efficient heat transfer and insulation, the Jet Boil regularly shames hotter burning stoves.

May 15 2011

Semi-Lite lessons from the Sierra High Route

It’s been just over a week now since skiing the Sierra High Route. Unlike my previous attempt two years ago, this time we skied all the way across. Two years ago I started out with ASI’s Geoff Clarke, Nick Washburn, and Nori Hamaguchi. We made it to the beginning of Deadman Canyon before hitting the …

Keep making backcountry turns