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Dec 30 2014

Bruce Tremper on Deaf-to-Danger Newbies

Bruce Tremper, Director of Utah's Avalanche Center

We just don’t have the resources to combat all the extreme videos that are out there…all these movies that are encouraging people to go out there and just rage. — Bruce Tremper Last January 2014, at the annual Outdoor Retailer Winter show Verde PR teamed up with Emerald Expo to convene a panel of industry …

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Dec 07 2014

Low budget, lightweight ‘clinometer

Hold it vertically, and eyeball it.

  Knowing the angle of the slope you’re on is important for bragging rights and avoiding avalanches. There are plenty of options available for measuring slope angle, with price usually providing an indication of accuracy. There is a new slope angle estimator heading to market that is a simple sticker that you apply to your …

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Jul 25 2014

Technique: Range set up for testing avy beacons

How the eye-in-the-sky views the beacon range for EYT.

  How do I test avy beacons, more properly known as avalanche transceivers? What follows is my range set up, some notes and illustrations for newbies to understand basic terminology and concepts, and my general procedures. From an overall perspective, I’m just going through some predefined motions to test limits. In terms of the real …

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Jul 21 2014

Technique: Dealing with bouncing avy beacons

Out of four models, the Pulse, v4.0 wins for accuracy. Other factors may be more important though.

Anyone who has practiced even a smidgen with their digital avalanche transceiver has noticed a bit of digital bounce. What is meant by this term is the error in the distance reading of an avalanche beacon. It shows up as the distance reading changing with each update, up and down around a number that, at …

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Mar 02 2014

Mt. Jumbo avalanche buries 3 in Missoula home

View of the Mt. Jumbo avalanche starting zone.

  An avalanche on the north side off Mount Jumbo, in Missoula, Montana destroyed two houses and buried three people late in the afternoon of February 28th, 2014. About a hundred neighbors shoveled out an 8 year-old boy, a woman, and an elderly man. The adults are in critical condition. The avalanche was triggered by …

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Feb 04 2014

Review: Ortovox Tour 30+7 ABS pack

Orotovx Tour30+7. Lots of room, pockets, straps, and ABS.

Ortovox’ Tour30 +7 airbag pack is worth a close look. It is not a good pack for half day trips unless you’re always bring extra stuff just in case, but it is a good size for overnight hut trips where you routinely need the extra space.

Jan 28 2014

1st Look: Black Diamond’s Evac snow shovel

The Evac gets telescopes out longer than any other shovel.

When you need to move a lot of snow fast, like when you need to evacuate a buried avalanche victim, nothing beats a diesel powered back hoe. The next best thing is the human powered snow hoe. Where the Evac promises an improvement in the classic snow hoe design is by rounding the connection from a 90° angle at the connection, to one that combines two 45° bends for greater strength under stress.

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