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Sep 25 2017

Arva Reactor 32/40 liter airbag packs

Arva's Reactor 32 airbag pack

Arva has done a good job of balancing opposing goals with their Reactor avalanche safety packs. They provide ample touring utility while minimizing the weight of the airbag plumbing. The ingredients are a text book example of how to synthesize the best features currently available for cartridge systems: inert gas, a mechanical trigger for simplicity …

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Jan 08 2016

Airbag Pack Overview for 2017

Voltair blows up big, packs down easy.

This is a quick roundup of new avalanche airbag packs coming our way for the 16/17 ski season. As of today, these are the only packs I’ve actually seen. More to be added later, so check back in a week for a longer list of new or significant changes. Arc’teryx Tongues have been wagging for …

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Aug 10 2015

Notes from Outdoor Retailer Summer 2015

Front door to the candy store for outdoor aficionados.

  Another Summer Outdoor Retailer show has come and gone. For the second year in a row it was not sweltering hot in Salt Lake City during the first week of August. Whew. As a backcountry skier there isn’t much product to be dazzled by at the summer show, but there’s always stuff worth checking …

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Jul 09 2015

BD recalls first year JetForce® packs

BD's Halo28 JetForce airbag pack

A voluntary recall has been announced by Black Diamond, Inc. of all first generation JetForce® avalanche safety airbag packs sold under the Black Diamond, Pieps, and POC brand names. According to a letter by Peter Metcalf, the CEO, President and Founder of Black Diamond Equipment, the recall affects all packs using BD’s JetForce® technology sold …

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Jan 08 2015

PSA: Mammut Airbag Service Bulletin jan2015

Check your connections if you have  a Mammut or SnowPulse airbag pack.

  In January of 2014 Mammut issued a service bulletin for certain models of avalanche airbags — this is new information that may affect your airbag whether or not yours was included in the previous service bulletin. In certain rare cases Mammut discovered that the metal tube connecting the trigger mechanism to the airbag itself …

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Dec 16 2014

Review: BCA Float 32 Airbag Pack

Outdated colors, but the size and shape of the BCA Float airbag is still like this.

  Okay, so you’re ready to plunk down for an airbag pack, but you need to do it for less than a thousand bucks. In that case one of the models you should be considering seriously is BCA’s Float 32. It uses compressed air, so that means you can practice blowing up the airbag for …

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Feb 04 2014

Review: Ortovox Tour 30+7 ABS pack

Orotovx Tour30+7. Lots of room, pockets, straps, and ABS.

Ortovox’ Tour30 +7 airbag pack is worth a close look. It is not a good pack for half day trips unless you’re always bring extra stuff just in case, but it is a good size for overnight hut trips where you routinely need the extra space.

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