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Feb 04 2014

Review: Ortovox Tour 30+7 ABS pack

Orotovx Tour30+7. Lots of room, pockets, straps, and ABS.

Ortovox’ Tour30 +7 airbag pack is worth a close look. It is not a good pack for half day trips unless you’re always bring extra stuff just in case, but it is a good size for overnight hut trips where you routinely need the extra space.

Sep 29 2013

Overview of Avalanche Airbag Systems

The ABS way uses two airbags and venturi valves with compressed N2.

  Airbag packs have become a commodity. Not because they are everywhere, but because so many different pack makers are offering one. Which means that, once you decide you need one of these, there is bound to be one that one will strike your fancy simply as a pack, regardless of the type of airbag …

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Jan 25 2013

OR Report: Interest in airbag packs explodes

Even Oakley is getting in to the action with a smartly styled airbag pack, powered by Mammut's Removeable Airbag System, pioneered by SnowPulse.

Can the US market really support more than a dozen airbag manufacturers? That’s right, there’s thirteen I know of that plan to distribute airbag packs next season, and two more soon after. At the moment the two biggest are the originator of the avalanche airbag pack, ABS, followed by SnowPulse. ABS uses compressed nitrogen to …

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May 01 2012

Review: ABS Vario 25

The ABS Vario 25. Pricey but you're worth it, right?

It is hard to argue against the ABS Vario system. To date, the only serious complaints revolve around the quality of the packs available. That changes this year with the Vario25. It is large enough for a day pack, well suited for going hut-to-hut, and it packs simply and easily.

Feb 13 2012

PR: Ortovox to offer ABS packs in 2013

Ortovox Thunder35 backpack. NOT ABS compatible.

Ortovox has announced their plans to partner with ABS Gmbh, originators of the avalanche airbag pack system, to provide an Ortovox branded avalanche backpack. The new licensing agreement enables Munich-based Ortovox to integrate the ABS system into its own backpacks, further developing safety concepts with an eye on comfort and fit. The system will be built on the popular Vario system which places all the airbag components on a backpack frame that various packs can be attached to with a main zipper and reinforcing straps.