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Oct 10 2014

Profile: Rick Borkovec

Rick Borkovec back when it began, 1976, the Teleopithicus Era.

  Whenever apres ski talk turns to the roots of modern telemark skiing in the U.S., one name is mentioned with particular frequency. Rick Borkovec, a 33-year Colorado skier and ex-Crested Butte ski patroller, has often been called one of the seminal figures in the free-your-heels movement. Like any powder-seeker, Borkovec was looking to get …

Keep making backcountry turns

Jun 20 2012

Review: LiteDogz, Step-In 3-pin Binding

The original Tele Bulldog, circa 2001

…when Louis Dandurrand explored having 22 Designs distribute his binding they realized he could fashion the basic toe piece like the Hammerhead toe – as a unitary, wrap-around piece of stainless steel – and the Bulldog became the Lite Dogz. It not only looked stronger and lighter, it was.