Monthly Archive: November 2018

Nov 22 2018

Serial Heelers 2018 tele ‘ddiction

As ski porn goes, the formulas get old but the temptation in the footage keeps the dream of getting away alive. Here’s 15 minutes of powder porn from the dead telemark society — free.

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Nov 20 2018

Review: Scarpa’s TX-Pro (2017)

Scarpa's burliest NTN boot made for Outlaws or Freerides.

Odds are that if you’re a decent telemark skier, you will love Scarpa’s TX-Pro (2017). The reasons are simple, and with a little investigation and analysis, obvious. The TX-Pro simply nails the peak of the bell curve of what the majority of tele skiers want: a boot that is big enough to deliver plenty of …

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