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Dec 30 2015

Part VII: Taming the Dragon of Self-Destruction

Sven Brunso rips it up.

Continued from Taming Your Avalanche Dragon, published 17nov15. When we have self-destruction as our dragon we lack the ability to care for and nurture our own best interest. Self-destruction may be fuelled by a general propensity for self-hate, depression, or a sense of despair. This is not a sought-after ingredient for making good decisions in …

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Dec 28 2015

Review: La Sportiva Spitfire 2.0 skimo boot

Last leg of the A-Basin Dawn Patrol COSMIC race.

During my stint in Tahoe a lot of fellow turn earners wondered why the resorts wouldn’t allow uphill skinning. Now that I’m in Colorado, it is more obvious why rando races flourish here, and with it the opportunity for fitness skinning at resorts, but they’re rare in the Sierra. In California, especially around Lake Tahoe, …

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Dec 17 2015

Review: Sven Can See Anti-Fog potion

Sven Can See. So can I when applied before needed and per the direcctions. Duh.

As a snow rider it is only a matter of time before you’re blinded by a fog in front of your eyes, whether sun glasses or goggles, the trouble comes courtesy of too much sweat steaming off your face and a cold lens mere millimeters away. Modern goggles are surprisingly immune to this phenomenon thanks …

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Dec 13 2015

Pt VI: Taming the Greed Dragon

Freshies. So seductive.

Continued from Taming Your Avalanche Dragon, published 17nov15. Greed Greed is an easy dragon to understand, especially on a powder day when the sun is shining. The statistical fact that more avalanche tragedies happen on sunny days with new snow underpins the concept of greed. The phrase, “There are no friends on a powder day” …

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Dec 07 2015

Meidjo update details for v2.0

Meidjo 2.0, a 2-pin telemark binding with NTN technology.

  After one full season of use, the telemark binding that has tongues wagging is coming to market with semi-major changes to its design, but no major changes to the root functionality. To those who missed it, Meidjo is the first binding to use a low-tech toe with an NTN hook to hold your tele …

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Dec 02 2015

Pt. V: Taming the Martyr Dragon

When there's a group, there's human factors at work.

Continued from Taming Your Avalanche Dragon, published 17nov15. Martyrdom Martyrs believe we are the “victims” of a situation and see ourselves as oppressed. As a victim, we feel like we have no choice in a situation; that others are deciding things for us and that we have no other option but to heed the directives …

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Dec 01 2015

Outlaw NTN updates for 2016

22D's Outlaw. Helping you break the rules.

As a beta binding you expect some failures. Even when manufacturers don’t acknowledge it, like with first year bindings, it isn’t realistic to expect no problems. It’s worth repeating, 22 Design’s transparency with beta status deserves a medal. With any luck, that medal will be evident with a trouble-free launch and healthy sales of what …

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