Monthly Archive: October 2015

Oct 21 2015

Tele Gear for Newbies

A hard turn is good to find. Photo by Halsted Morris.

  There’s a really good chance you’ll think of my advice on picking gear for telemarking as just another died in the wool leatherneck recommending old-fashioned values just because that’s the way he did it. You’d be right, except that everyone I’ve ever seen who could tele well, all of ‘em, had to go through …

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Oct 13 2015

Review: Volkl’s VTA88

Volkl Tour Alpine - a skinny Katana. 127-88-106

Even with a pair of one of the heaviest alpine tech bindings mounted to them, Marker’s Kingpin, Volkl’s new VTA88 is a bonafide welterweight. Without bindings you might even consider them to be featherweight, but that would suggest an absence of muscle that in reality, the VTA has no shortage of. Think of the VTA88 …

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Oct 08 2015

Scott to add tech inserts to Voodoo

Yup, that's a Scott Voodoo clamped to a Meidjo with tech inserts in the toe.

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Oct 06 2015

TRPA plan cuts Tahoe ski access – again!

Tahoe's West Shore, target of TRPA's Hwy. 89 improvement program (eliminating parking spots).

  Last week CalTrans finished work that eliminated another handful of parking locations in the Tahoe area, including the prized spots accessing Jake’s Peak, Bliss Peak, plus the Desolation Wilderness to the west. Mike Schwartz, owner of The Back Country, sounded forth the battle cry and the Facebook connected Tahoe community buried the bureaucrats behind …

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