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Jun 22 2015

G3 Expands Climbing Skin Connections

New minimal metal twin-tip tail hook from G3.

  When it comes to climbing skins it’s important to be mentally prepared to split hairs when it comes to differences. Which is another way to say that if you’re new to the sport of backcountry skiing, don’t worry about who makes the best climbing skins, just get a pair. You need to get some …

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Jun 18 2015

Waterproof apparel formulas voluntarily change

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Editors Note: This is a fairly technical report on a change that has occurred to the technology we commonly refer to as “waterproof/breathable” for outdoor apparel. The short version is the chemical composition changed from C8 to C6 while you weren’t looking. What follows is the reason why, and what it means going forward.   …

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Jun 15 2015

Review: BCA’s Scepter ski pole

BCA's family of Scepter ski poles.

  Adjustable length backcountry ski poles have become a commodity. Now that everyone has figured out how to make their own Flick-Lock style adjustment mechanism getting a decent adjustable ski pole is as simple as figuring out what your budget is and buying the most conveniently available model. There are certainly differences among the many …

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Jun 04 2015

Spring Skiing 2015

Ripping freshies at Sonora Pass, end of May 2015.  JeremyD photo.

  Even though we’ve been conditioned to think of June as Summer, since Memorial Day kicks off the summer vacation season, according to the calendar it is still Spring. For years I’ve maintained that spring skiing is the best season for BC skiing, not the cold wintry months of December and January as the herd …

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Jun 02 2015

Review: The God of Skiing

An appropriate mug for The God of Skiing's cover - Fritz Stammberger.

  With a name like The God of Skiing you can’t help but wonder who or what Peter Kray has written about. It’s a heady title to say the least. After reading it I can say he does a stellar job of describing the experiences that are endemic to a skiers life, and some of …

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