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Apr 27 2015

Loveland’s 14th Corn Harvest

The band promised to play; rain, snow or shine.

The 14th Annual Corn Harvest at Loveland ski area this past weekend wasn’t a harvest of corn, but there was a nice spritzer of fresh snow on a bed of lightly furrowed slopes off the top of Loveland ski resort. That plus another 200 skiers who registered, some in completely appropriate Hawaiian shirts for the …

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Apr 20 2015

BC Skate Skiing in Desolation Wilderness

Skating across Aloha Lake, Desolation Wilderness, California

There’s a group of Nords in the Tahoe area that love to get out and take extended skate tours in the backcountry. As with any other form of skiing, the majority of folks skate ski on a groomed track at a resort, a XC ski area, or Nordic Center. Conditions for good skating, a firm …

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Apr 17 2015

Take it off! Zippered baselayers from
Northern Playground

Skinning up in howling winds at 70° north.

  Regulating body heat when your heart is pumping hard to keep up with your lungs and legs is typically a balance between wearing the right amount of insulation combined with the ability to bleed off the heat and consequent sweat. Some of that can be managed by what fibers you chose to wear next …

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Apr 15 2015

The Sweet Spot

Rob Bland & Todd Burrell matching movements.

  As it was the early 1990s, I honestly don’t remember why I decided to try telemark skiing. What I do remember is being vaguely disenfranchised by skiing in general, turned off by the euro-style stretch pants, the macho swagger that went along with 220 cm skis, and the hey-i-went-to-a-ski-academy perfect turners. It wasn’t a …

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Apr 14 2015

USFS to increase snowmobile access in Eldorado NF

Eldorado NF winter recreational use map.  Link to interactive map here.

  The US Forest Service recently extended the comment period to April 20th, 2015 for their review of winter travel management plans of Eldorado National Forest to determine what changes should be implemented for the future. According to, “the Forest Service’s Proposed Action for the Carson Pass area designates nearly all the lands adjacent …

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Apr 13 2015

Caldwell agrees to Squaw-Alpine link

Troy Caldwell, owner of the parcel of land that sits between Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows, has reached an agreement with KSL to allow a gondola to connect the two resorts with a touchdown point on his property, aka White Wolf ski resort.

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Apr 06 2015

EJ’s story: Right legs are over rated

EJ's back on his feet.

Note: This story was first published in Couloir magazine XIX-5, Spring 2007. It was the beginning of a new life for EJ that began nine years ago. He is working on writing a book about what has happened since, and the lessons learned. To support him in this effort, go to In the meantime, …

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