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Feb 26 2015

Serial Heelers – episode III

Serial Heelers, S1, E3

  The reason for the lack of video endorsements in this place is simple, I’m not impressed with many. After awhile they all sort of look the same, and they show feats I’ll never repeat, and snow I only dream about anymore in the Sierra Nevada. I don’t need to be reminded where I’m not. …

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Feb 25 2015

Review: Smith’s Prophecy Turbo Goggles

Smith Turbo Goggles - Gogs that can unfog themselves.

  In the draught stricken Sierra Nevada, the need for goggles that have the power to keep from fogging up has been less essential lately. Nonetheless, the major reason I’m not a big user of goggles is because I can fog any of them up, and not because I’m trying to fog them, it simply …

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Feb 22 2015

Review: G3′s Via ski poles

Look, it hooks!

When it comes to ski poles any pole will do, especially if you’ve just broken or lost yours. However, if you’re earning your turns, it is worth it to get yourself a pair with dedicated backcountry features. The most obvious would seem to be a pole with length adjustability, but that is only one of …

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Feb 19 2015

Bruce Tremper on Reaching Backcountry Skiers

This is the fourth video in our series covering a panel of industry experts discussing avalanche risk in backcountry skiing and the industry’s part in that, hosted at Outdoor Retail Winter by Verde PR. In today’s clip, Bruce Tremper, director of Utah’s Avalanche Center, discusses reaching backcountry skiers with information and how to get information …

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Feb 16 2015

Alpenglow hosts “Can U Dig It?” Competition

Shiek Yerbouti helps set the course with a Lincoln-log dummy buried 0.8m deep in bermcrete.

The proverb, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” is poignantly true in the case of avalanches. Better to avoid getting caught than to have to deal with a rescue. It is also better, just in case, to be prepared for the worst rather than not be. Since practice makes perfect, as …

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Feb 13 2015

Magic Mt. says, “Hike One, Ride One”

Magic Mountain ski resort in Londonderry, Vermont, has come up with a novel way to promote uphill skinning — they reward those who earn their turns on their slopes with a voucher of a single, free ride up the lifts. Oh that more resorts would adopt at least an open mind toward uphill skinning. It …

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Feb 12 2015

First Look: Dynafit’s Chugach ski

Full fat skis from Dynafit, all the width and some mass behind the muscle too.

To say that next year’s new skis from Dynafit are probably the best turning skis they’ve ever made only confirms what backcountry skiers have known for years; there’s a limit to how light you can make a ski if you want great downhill performance in a lot of conditions, at any speed. In short, when …

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