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Aug 25 2014

Review: Scott-Sport’s Synergy

Scott Sport's Synergy. Best new tele boot for 2014.  Only new duckbilled boot.

  The best new 75mm telemark boot to come out this season is Scott Sports’ Synergy. It is also the only new plastic telemark boot design to be created for the duckbilled Nordic Norm in the last five years. Three years ago Garmont gave up on the ski market and sold their ski boot assets …

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Aug 23 2014

Some boots incompatible with Dynafit Beast

Notice the difference in location of the alignment pins relative to notches in the side.

  Dynafit sent out a notice recently announcing a few models of boots that are known to be incompatible with their Beast binding, both the 16 and 14 DIN models. The Beast features a rotating toe unit and the heel unit requires a special after market Power Insert that covers the top of the boot …

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Aug 21 2014

Powderwhore’s ‘Some Thing Else’

  Ten years. That’s how long Noah Howell and the Powderwhore’s have been producing ski movies. The first few were fueled purely by enthusiasm. The latest few have added some editing and video skill to the mix. Here’s a trailer for this year’s ski porn:

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Aug 19 2014

First Look: JetBoil MiniMo

Jet Boil's new MiniMo.

  JetBoil has dominated the stove market lately, but their competitors have been able to poke holes in their dominance by simply pointing out a few of their shortcomings. To be sure, the convenience of the JetBoil system is hard to beat. Perhaps better still, their dominance is visible so there’s an unspoken but strong …

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Aug 18 2014

Review: Pieps DSP Pro v2.0

New Pieps DSP Pro.

  Pieps has upgraded their DSP beacon with a new case, improved harness, better marking for multiple victims, and a few new special functions in the Pro model. Range Although Pieps is no longer king of hill for max range they’re not shabby either, with a solid 52+ meter range whether oriented parallel or crosswise. …

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Aug 17 2014

BCTalk: Dog pics


  Big dogs, Small dogs, Cute dogs Our best friend is always there for us. A tribute to our most faithful companion.

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Aug 15 2014

Weber Hut in Summit County nears approval

Map showing the proposed location for Weber Hut

  It looks like the Summit Huts Association is about to add another hut to their system of backcountry getaways. The proposed new hut will be called Weber Hut since it will be located at the head of Weber Gulch on the north side of Bald Mountain around 11,500′. When the original plan for a …

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