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Aug 27 2013

Clif Bar: Delicious organic energy

Handy, tasty, organic, recycleable.

  Being the first is often considered a key to success in business. To be certain, it lends an advantage but only if the product is strong enough to withstand the stresses of competition. In the long run, the better product usually wins. It will if consumers are given free will to chose. Even though …

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Aug 26 2013

Review: Dynafit’s Mercury (& Vulcan)

Dynafit Mercury. Solid and stiff for control, ultra free for efficiency.

Aside from fit, there is precious little to complain about with Dynafit’s TLT boot line. All utilize Dynafit’s patented Ultra Lock System that integrates the mode switch with the cuff buckle for shifting gears to uphill or downhill with a single move. That alone warrants a closer look for my turning earning friends. As the …

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Aug 21 2013

Skiing down, tele up? Sifting through SIA’s data.

Partitioning snow sliders by their tools.

  The latest Participation Report from SIA indicates a few trends you might expect, and one that continues to confound the free heel faithful. As you would expect after two years in a row with below normal snow levels participation in skiing was down this last year, but only by 2% according to the SIA …

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Aug 19 2013 (1998-2013): RIP

Mitch Weber, brains and brawn behind

  Telemark may not be dead, but the forum that every fool free heeler used to hang out at, Mitch’s Bar, aka, has pulled the plug. May it rest in peace. Born the brainchild of one Mitch Weber, Telemarktips burst on to the scene in 1998 to fulfill the hole created when another fledgling …

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Aug 14 2013

Passport Bindings for the ’14 Season

Spirit Dan rips freshies on Tahoe's West Shore.

  Lured by the Backcountry? There are roughly three different styles of backcountry equipment you should consider if you’re hunting fresh powder: alpine, snowboard, or telemark. Of the three disciplines, alpine offers the easiest to understand, and adopt, set of options. The style of alpine binding that appeals easiest to budding BC skiers are what …

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Aug 11 2013

Summer OR 2013: Headlamp Roundup

Energizer's Folding Lantern provides wide, even light over short distances.

  The short version of what’s coming in the headlamp world is that LED technology has racheted up another notch. Across the board everyone making headlamps has increased the light output of their headlamps, while simultaneously lowering weight and holding steady on cost, or in some cases, going lower. With improved LED’s the necessity to …

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Aug 08 2013

First Look: Jetboil Joule™

Joule inverts the canister and preheats the fuel for more efficient output.

  Jetboil is upping the ante with Joule, their new stove system that combines the fuel efficient improvements of their Helios stove with a larger pot for car camping or groups. As with all Jetboil systems, it packs down nice and neat inside its own 2½-liter pot. Not only does the Joule eek out every …

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