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Mar 28 2013

Metcalf honored for ethics in business

From The Daily Herald – 28mar13 In rating ski slopes, “Black Diamond” signifies an expert run. In the world of ethics, Black Diamond also has come to indicate a high level. On Tuesday, Utah Valley University awarded the 2013 Kirk Englehardt Business Ethics Award to Peter Metcalf, CEO and president of Black Diamond Equipment. UVU …

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Mar 28 2013

Review: Ascension Climbing Skins (v.12-13)

Jason Layh returns to the tracks for another lap, powered by Ascension and sweat.

  It has been a year since my first tour with the current version of Ascension climbing skins. The last pair of nylon skins from BD sported the tire tread pattern, Glidelite brand name, and lasted 5+ years before the glue went bad (serendipitously just one week after a rave review ) You can tell …

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Mar 26 2013

1st Look: K2′s Pinnacle 130 for AT

K2's Pinnacle comes with tech-fittings and a good fit.

  For their first foray into the world of ski boots K2 is making a big splash in a pond teaming with established competitors. What’s more, they’re making a big deal of the freeride, go-anywhere-you-want aspect of their line. Which means they deserve a closer look. At the WWSRA demo day in February I stuck …

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Mar 24 2013

1st Impressions from WWSRA Demo Day

WWSRA Demo Day at Alpine Meadows, Feb. 6-7, 2013

  Even the though the bulk of new gear for next season is aimed at the urban backcountry skier, that just whets the appetite for more adventure down the road. It is awesome to see how many manufacturers are offering the necessary ingredients for a BC passport. One day at the Outdoor Retailer show was …

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Mar 20 2013

Ski Review: Dynastar’s Cham HM 97

Dynastar's Cham HM 97. Anarchistic shape delivers versatility and light weight.

  When you first look at any of Dynastar’s Cham skis it is hard not to think, “somebody was smoking some whacky tobaccy when they made that ski.” Even in an age when traditional shapes and construction are rarely the norm anymore the Cham series draws attention with a tip that more resembles the bow …

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Mar 18 2013

Review: Scarpa Freedom SL

Scarpa's Freedom SL • ~4 lbs./boot. • $769

  For a heavy weight boot from a backcountry focused company Scarpa’s new AT boot, the Freedom, delivers much of the performance you would expect from a traditional alpine boot, but without much weight. If that sounds contradictory, let me explain. True, it does weigh in at an ounce over four pounds per boot (1.85 …

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Mar 13 2013

Mantis: Elegant home brewed TTS

Mantis: a carbon fibre plate for integrating a telemark cable with a tech toe.

Editor’s Note: The fact that several people are tinkering on their own with the TTS concept verifies two things. First, that tele is far from dead. Secondly, that the future of further progress in the telemark world will be found where the grass roots energy is flowering in spite of the lack of commercial development. …

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