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Jan 31 2013

Technique: Modifying TTS Heel Post

With a little grinding action the TTS climbing wires can be a LOT easier to engage.

The original Telemark Tech System binding was a bit crude but was close enough to yield a glimpse of what the future of telemark bindings might provide. Mark Lengel, the inventor of the system admits that the binding is effectively still a beta binding, but the current incarnation is vastly improved over the first prototype. …

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Jan 29 2013

Fritschi Diamir’s NEW Zenith 12 Tech Binding

Fritschi Diamir is joining the tech revolution in the backcountry. At the recent Outdoor Retailer trade show Fritschi unveiled their new Zenith 12, a tech binding that has lateral release capability at the toe, and an easy mode switch without exiting the binding. Although there is no standard for calibrating the release values of lightweight, …

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Jan 28 2013

OR Report: Urban Ski Tour in the Wasangles

Howie shows how it is done.

Saturday’s tour was a classic. The “greatest snow on earth” term was referred to as an example of how wrong it can be in reality. There were all the classic ingredients one might expect for an urban tour in the Wasangles range, easy access but lacking the wildness of a true wilderness. Salt Lake City …

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Jan 25 2013

OR Report: Interest in airbag packs explodes

Even Oakley is getting in to the action with a smartly styled airbag pack, powered by Mammut's Removeable Airbag System, pioneered by SnowPulse.

Can the US market really support more than a dozen airbag manufacturers? That’s right, there’s thirteen I know of that plan to distribute airbag packs next season, and two more soon after. At the moment the two biggest are the originator of the avalanche airbag pack, ABS, followed by SnowPulse. ABS uses compressed nitrogen to …

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Jan 24 2013

OR Report: Backcountry Access’ BC Link

Tracker3™ - 20% lighter, w/real-time digital processing and signal separation for marking multiple victims.

  Besides being adopted by K2 Sports, what’s new at Backcountry Access? More of what you might expect, and a little of something unexpected. The Tracker3™ is the follow up to the Tracker2™, utilizing the same real-time digital processing but now with the ability to separate multiple signals and mark a beacon you have located. …

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Jan 23 2013

OR Report: On Snow Demo notes

The Outdoor Retailer Show began yesterday up at Solitude ski resort in Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah. It’s always a blast checking out new skis, boots and bindings. The sun was blaring and the snow was tired, groomed, and firm so it was a good day to lock the heel and just cruise at speed to …

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Jan 22 2013

OR Report: Backcountry Boots for 2013

Dynafit's TLT6.

Nowhere is the interest in backcountry skiing as evident as in the number of choices being offered for ski boots next season. Ten years ago there were a handful of companies making boots for turn earners, and none of them had any affiliation with a major alpine ski brand. This year there are very few …

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