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Nov 29 2012

Review: Garmont’s Excursion

An excellent light weight tele boot for going the distance and rippin' tele turns.

  The Excursion is Garmont’s superlight touring boot. In days of old it came with a thermomoldable Gfit liner and weighed almost a pound less than a comparable pair of T4’s. Sadly, it now comes with a preformed, alpine style liner with little moldability. However, as one of the very few lightweight boots with some …

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Nov 27 2012

Review: G3′s Onyx

G3's Onyx. Easy to operate, less fiddling.

One of the factors that remains a concern with all tech bindings is their ability to release reliably when needed, and not fold when you want them to hold. In that realm Onyx is a solid notch up from the standard tech binding offerings.

Nov 24 2012

Video Review: PW’s Chose Your Adventure

Pwhore Noah Howell hiking a ridge in Wasangeles Land.

  Okay, I’ll admit I was wrong about ski vids. Well, not most of ‘em. Most of ‘em are just more time spent watching someone else skiing while I’m not. I can’t afford to spend that much leisure time watching any sort of video, let alone a ski video. On the otherhand, when I do …

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Nov 19 2012

Review: Rottefella’s NTN Freedom

Sideview of Rottefella's NTN Freedom binding

At first glance Rottefella’s Freedom binding pretty much rocks. It shares the heritage of NTN’s trademark superb control, both in forward resistance and edge hold, although in the case of the Freedom, less is more ‐ meaning a notch less tele-resistänçe gives a wider sweet spot – mo’ betta’ in deep snow. Depending on the …

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Nov 16 2012

Alpenglow Sports Winter Film Series

Dave Nettle kicks off Alpenglow Sports Winter Film series at OVI.

Over 300 people attended the first showof Alpenglow Sports Winter Film Series last Wednesday, 14nov12. Dave Nettle presented highlights from six recent climbing trips, including some ultra classic free lines on the sandstone wall of Zion, to hidden gems in the remote Adamant Range of British Columbia. The show will be held at Squaw Valley’s …

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Nov 14 2012

Passage: Annalise Kjolhede

Sorry for the lapse in content here in the middle of the week. Work can get in the way of that but it has had some very positive side effects for awareness of what is going on along the boundaries of ski resorts. And one negative. I don’t normally like to get involved in the …

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Nov 13 2012

Tahoe ski resorts open for Thanksgiving

Gathering round the bullwheel at the top of Lincoln Peak - warming up for winter.

Had a small debate today with a friend on whether it is Winter or not. According to the calendar it is not winter, but when has the calendar ever been able to predict the day a season begins? The shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere may be the official recognized first day …

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