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Oct 31 2012

Tech Tip: Boot Fitting 101 – Footbeds

Fitting multiply shaped feet to a particular shell usually requires even a modicum of skill and adjustment. In some cases - a lot!

Nearly everyone needs some sort of customization to get the maximum performance and comfort out of a ski boot. Some folks always need a lot of tweaking, some need very little, and the boot that we tend to buy is the one that requires the least amount of adjustments to make fit. Fit is a …

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Oct 28 2012

Event: Legend of Aahhh’s comes to Tahoe

Legend of Aahhh's comes to Tahoe Nov. 2nd., 2012

  Legend of Aahhh’s is coming to the Tahoe area this Friday, Nov. 2nd at the Olympic Valley Lodge. Come get amped for the new season by reflecting on one of the most influential ski films ever produced, the Blizzard of Aahhh’s by Greg Stump. Sponsored by the Start Haus, Truckee’s local radio station 101.5 …

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Oct 28 2012

TR: First turns at Squaw

Ah, the benefits of getting after it early, and solo.

Last week was an unexpected delight with up to three feet of snow blowing in on the Sierra Crest on the north shore of Lake Tahoe. Travis Ganong files the following pictorial report, the day the storm abatted.

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Oct 24 2012

TR: In-bounds, untracked at Sugar Bowl

The space between the touring lock and the front of the toe becomes a snow trap, then an ice bumper if the snow is sticky, potentially reducing the touring range of motion a LOT!

  What are the results from the season opener? Fresh tracks, two face shots, a serendipitous meeting with friends, revelations with G3′s Onyx, some sweet tele turns with an attack of the nuns using the NTN Freedom binding, no trouble but an unexpected symptom with Ascension glue, the usual frosting with G3 Alpinists skins, and …

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Oct 23 2012

Ski Season 12/13 Begins – Day 1

First storm of the 12/13 season - more than enough to ski in.

Like every good storm I’ve ever seen in Tahoe, this one came in early. Cousin JD reported 18 inches of fresh yesterday at Alpine Meadows and I didn’t think we’d get half of that until tomorrow. So it’s time to organize and hit it early in the morning. There’s been a bunch of gear begging …

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Oct 22 2012

Review: A closer look at Lange’s XT

Liner for the Lange XT alpine touring ski boot.

It was love at first kiss and the way the Lange XT held my feet I couldn’t help wonder what a longer term relationship might produce. I still haven’t had the pleasure of even a single day tour with a pair but I’ve had a chance to look a lot closer at the design. Aside …

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Oct 17 2012

Review: Dynastar Legend 94 (2012)

Dynastar's Legend 94 is a great backcountry ski

  One thing most of us can agree on is you don’t want to make too much of a sacrifice in the performance of your go-to ski. It needs to be solid enough to handle a lot of vertical in-bounds, yet not be a tank for a full day in the backcountry. It has to …

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