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Aug 29 2012

Review: BCA’s Alpine Trekker

Trekker's are easy to adjust, affordable, and effective.

  One of the more overlooked tools for resort skiers planning to stick their toes in backcountry waters is the Alpine Trekker. It’s a simple adapter plate that allows you to enjoy the freedom of a free heel for skinning back in-bounds while using the resort equipment that you know and trust for harvesting freshies …

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Aug 27 2012

Review: La Sportiva RT binding

La Sportiva's Randonnee Tech (RT) binding.

  Some things in the backcountry are immutable, like the motivation to reduce weight. One way or another, cutting weight usually involves some compromise in performance. That axiom remains true with La Sportiva’s RT binding, but less than you might expect. Even though it only weighs around ½ pound/foot it has some impressive features built …

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Aug 24 2012

News: Backcountry snippets

Over 500 pair of good-condition, used skis at Start Haus over Labor Day weekend.

  Scarpa With the next ski season still a full month or four away Scarpa is offering a sweet deal to prepare for it. Through the end of August all boot repairs will be half off and return shipping is free. The key here is the boots must arrive by August 31 at their Denver …

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Aug 23 2012

Access: New Tahoe area FS plan avoids snowmobile issues

  The Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit of the US Forest Service have released the draft of a new management plan that distills their policy guidelines for the next 20 years. The bureaucrats new plan does not appear to address winter recreation – implying no changes to their decades old plan. If there were no …

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Aug 20 2012

Telemark Binding Selection Chart

Small, non-functional version of binding selection chart.

  This is a dry run of a page that I’m working on for helping people select a telemark binding. Your feedback, input, and criticism are requested. This isn’t complete yet because some of the relevant bindings are still absent in the archives of reviews available. Some will be published soon, others a bit later. …

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Aug 18 2012

Rerun: Rainey Design’s Hammerhead (v1)

The Hammerhead delivered unheard of freeheel control and remains the standard by which other tele bindings are judged for power and control.

  As a first year binding it is tough to rationalize awarding the Hammerhead an Editor’s Choice for telemark bindings. However, we couldn’t ignore the improvements either. When the beta version arrived it was clear that a new standard in control had been set, and for some that is reason enough. However, lots of folks …

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Aug 16 2012

Council of Squirrels predict Winter 12/13

NOAA prediction for Winter 12/13.

  With the heat bearing down in the dog days of summer skiers can’t help but seek relief in dreams of a deep, cold winter. The question always is, what sort of winter will the next one be? If you listen to the global warming proponents, last year’s winter is a clear indication of their …

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