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Jul 16 2012

Review: Exped Downmat UltraLite

le Schnozzle Pumpbag

When it comes to getting a good nights rest you don’t want to cut too many corners. In the backcountry that means down insulation, top to bottom. Nothing is as light or lofts up as well and thus, is as warm as down. When camping on the snow it would seem obvious this means a …

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Jul 13 2012

TR: Skiing the Wickersham Wall – Pt. II

Classic B&W view of the Wickersham Wall. Photo by Bradford Washburn.

  1994: May 4-5, The adventure begins… A storm kept our photographer Bill Stevenson, John, and I from departing on May fourth, but we hit a good send-off party with halibut, moose, and beer instead. We finalized gear the next morning, and taxied across the runway in John’s sleek white ’76 Caddy. Motivation was high. …

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Jul 11 2012

Review: Leki’s SpeedLock Pole Series

Leki Haute Route SpeedLock ski pole

For those who still equate Leki with twist-lock, and twist-lock with collapsing pole syndrome, Leki’s SpeedLock series renders that perspective to the dust bin of history.

Jul 06 2012

TR (’94): Skiing the Wickersham Wall – Part I

Looking down the Wickersham Wall - a 14,470-vertical foot ski line.

A slide now, while skiing in the center of the upper face, would carry me over 10,000-feet over cliffs and icefalls to a frozen, broken death. But we were confident in the results of our snow stability tests and I was having the run of my life, the culmination of every moment I’ve ever spent in the mountains. The higher power, grinning from ear-to-ear, had given us the nod. We got away with it!

Jul 05 2012

Review: Westcomb’s Cruiser Jacket

Westcomb's Cruiser jacket provides a windbreak while climbing Mt. Shasta.

  When first introduced to the brand Westcomb my ears were only half listening until I heard the term “ex-pat from Arcteryx.” Now that I have your attention as well, Westcomb is a new apparel brand out of Canada that gained serious experience as the factory building many of Arcteryx’s garments. Here’s a quick look …

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Jul 03 2012

Review: Kelty Carport

The ultimate casual base camp - mini van, carport, coleman stove, & hot tub.

    Car camping is great because you can bring all kinds of lifes conveniences, yet still get away from it all. Even so, if it starts to rain, or the desert sun is taking it’s toll it would sure be nice to have an extra room off your van, or camper shell, without having …

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Jul 02 2012

New Comment System at

Chose your profile...

  Okay, it’s time to forge ahead and deal with the fallout as it becomes evident. After a few weeks of waffling and checking things out elsewhere it was time to get ‘er done. With that caveat, a new comment system has been activated here at There are still a few bugs and wrinkles …

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