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Jul 30 2012

BC News: Resort skiing Down, Tele Up.

Participation levels as determined by SIA (Snowsports Industries of America) . Image courtesy SIA &

  SIA has released their annual survey results and the numbers are what you would expect, if you know how to interpret them. Any way you slice it, the number of people skiing was down for the 11/12 season compared to the 10/11 season. Considering last season got off to a late start, and the …

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Jul 27 2012

Skiing the Wickersham Wall – Pt. IV

Official view from the NPS of Denali from the NE, looking up the Muldrow Glacier. South Peak on the left, North Peak on the right.

© 1994 1994, May 17, Day V on the Wall One more perfect day followed before a cloud bank appeared and we narrowly escaped a whiteout on the descent from 14,500′ to the serac camp at 11,000′. Skins worked well on the ascent to 12,800′, where the Canadian Route becomes a knife–edge ridge dropping away …

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Jul 25 2012

Review: REI’s Shuksan Jacket

Staying warm and dry in humid storm conditions with REI's Shuksan built with eVent fabric.

  For years I’ve been hearing about how much more breathable eVent™ is compared to Goretex™. As luck would have it, the samples that floated through the Couloir office always ended up covering another editors’ body. Frankly I was perfectly satisfied with my Schoeller™ jacket for most days since it was clearly more breathable than …

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Jul 23 2012

Review: BD’s O1 doubles down!

Finally, BD's O1 comes with a 6-hole mounting pattern.

After six years Black Diamond’s O1 will feature a six-hole mounting pattern. As with all other telemark bindings using a six-hole pattern, it doesn’t match any other binding on the market. That’s the bad news. The good news is the two extra holes extend the overall length, and thus the retention surface area of the …

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Jul 20 2012

TR: Skiing the Wickersham Wall – Pt. III


© 1994   1994: May 11, Day VII of the approach In clear weather we skinned across the Peters Glacier, trying to focus on the views rather than contemplate its hidden dangers. With only two of us on this checkerboard of crevasses we were nervous, the saga of Jim Wickwire and Chris Kerebrock always at …

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Jul 20 2012

BC News: New Rubicon Trail agreement

  Years of effort by Snowlands Network, other environmental organizations and concerned individuals culminated in an agreement between the Forest Service and diverse interests that will close the Rubicon (Off-Road) Trail at times to protect water quality and prevent erosion.   The agreement will also allow improvements to the Rubicon Trail to move forward.

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Jul 18 2012

BC Ski Review: Black Diamond’s Revert

BD's Revert, part of their new Touring Series of skis. 122-95-112 mm $749

s soon as there is any depth to the snow surface, the shallowness of the early rise tip and tail allow the Revert to dig in and deliver nice round turns with the same flex and springiness you would expect for a full length traditionally shaped ski. This makes them an excellent backcountry ski where speed is not the norm…

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