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Feb 16 2012

TR: Pepper’s Run (Day 10)

Dude man makes the most of a small storm.

Waking up to a full four inches of cold smoke on the driveway meant my pessimistic view was wrong but all it took to save the day was a call from Dude-man to go earn some turns. I hung up saying, “meet you in an hour at The Back Country.”

Feb 15 2012

First Look: Gecko Climbing Skins

Tip loop is clean and simple, riveted to the skin.

To the touch they appear mildly sticky, maybe half as sticky as “normal” glue, but when stuck to the base of your skis, especially when weighted, they hold as well as any other skin glue. The Gecko folks say it is a pressure sensitive adhesive so when you’re skinning, they hold tight and keep snow from creeping under.

Feb 13 2012

PR: Ortovox to offer ABS packs in 2013

Ortovox Thunder35 backpack. NOT ABS compatible.

Ortovox has announced their plans to partner with ABS Gmbh, originators of the avalanche airbag pack system, to provide an Ortovox branded avalanche backpack. The new licensing agreement enables Munich-based Ortovox to integrate the ABS system into its own backpacks, further developing safety concepts with an eye on comfort and fit. The system will be built on the popular Vario system which places all the airbag components on a backpack frame that various packs can be attached to with a main zipper and reinforcing straps.

Feb 12 2012

CCSP Guide to Mendocino Ski Tours

Hull Mountain with Lake Pillsbury buried in fog.

The Mendocino National Forest in Northern California contains nearly one million acres. From the Snow Mountain Wilderness in the southern end to the Yolla Bolly – Middle Eel Wilderness in the north, numerous peaks hold snow well into the summer. Access to these peaks can be tricky. And time consuming. The better part of two decades has been spent unraveling the possibilities of earning turns in the Northern California Coast Range.

Feb 10 2012

TR: Spring conditions on Castle Peak

Heading up to Castle Peak with late season spring conditions - good corn even though its February.

The base is perfectly seasoned to yield up a corn harvest on some aspect at predictable hours. Even though the snow is running thin, for the moment, you can always connect the dots between rocks, bushes, and trees with continuous speed if you anticipate and aim well.

Feb 09 2012

Preview: Four new AT boots for 12/13

Checking out next year's AT gear - Dalbello Sherpa with a superlight AT rig (Plum h/w and Elan planks).

Though the subtleties of downhill performance with training heels may elude me, boot and ski performance is relatively easy to evaluate. I managed to get on four different AT boots for next season – Tecnica’s Cochise Pro Light, Dalbello’s Sherpa, next year’s addition to the groundbreaking Virus, a pair of Lange XT‘s, and one of Black Diamond’s new Free Tour boots, the Prime.

Feb 08 2012

Upcoming Events (Tahoe & Wasatch)

Sunset on Sugar Bowl's Crows Nest

  There’s a bunch of events coming up this week that you may want to attend to stay psyched while fresh snow remains elusive. Better to have virtual snow than no snow, eh? Nor do we have none so get on out there and enjoy it. There’s plenty of places worth a hike, you just …

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