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Feb 29 2012

Time to retire your beacon?

Screen capture of the received signal from an analog beacon.

While testing avalanche transceivers this year it has become more evident that older, analog type beacons should be retired. It isn’t because they don’t work. But the way they work can cause trouble in the dreaded multiple victim scenario. If you have more than one person buried in an avalanche the odds are at least …

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Feb 28 2012

Video: A Life Ascending released

DVD cover for A Life Ascending

A Life Ascending takes a closer look at this contrast, at the life Reudi has built, and how the consequences of that fateful day have affected him, his family, his business, and his outlook on life.

Feb 27 2012

Going superlight, Tele Lite!

Tele on lite gear, back in the day near Baldy Hut, San Antonio, California.

The world is not clamoring for skinny backcountry skis. But I’m convinced that, at least in the form of the Glittertind + strong system boot, they can form a workable, useful system with some major strengths where AT, heavy tele, or splitboards are weak

Feb 24 2012

Rerun: Buried Alive!

Controlled burial, but buried nonetheless.

Very quickly, the ability to move ended. As the snow built up around my torso I squirmed to maintain some sense of mobility, but it was futile. Even the simple act of breathing was becoming a struggle as the snow’s weight bore down on my chest, making it difficult to draw even a breath.

Feb 22 2012

Preview: 22 Designs Vice (& ski crampon)

Just want a Vice to hold your foot to the ski? 22 Designs has one.

…the decision to retire the Hammerhead is purely economic since it has been one of the most influential designs in recent telemark history and carries significant sentimental appeal based on a large customer base that is adamantly vocal about the binding’s superior power and control.

Feb 20 2012

Steven’s Pass Avy claims 3

An avalanche at Steven’s Pass ski resort yesterday has claimed the lives of three people. All victims were experienced backcountry skiers. A fourth person who was also caught deployed their airbag and survived. The avalanche started small, then grew and ended up traveling over 2,000 vertical feet. The survivor was buried up to her head …

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Feb 18 2012

NCAA Wrestling Champ and Adaptive Sports Hero to Try Skiing For the First Time

Truckee, CA – 18feb12, and Northstar California Resort in Truckee will introduce Arizona State University wrestling phenom Anthony Robles to snow. He will be taught at Northstar by adaptive sports instructor Bill Bowness. Born with just one leg, Robles, 23, went on to win the 2010-11 NCAA individual wrestling championship (against all able-bodied competitors) …

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