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Nov 29 2011

Review: Voile’s Switchback X2 (2011)

Voile's Switchback X2. More power, more ROM, only 2 oz. more per foot and $20 more per pair.

Voile’s Switchback X2 is just what it sounds like, a Switchback on steroids. It expands the range of performance at both ends of the spectrum – turning and touring.

Nov 28 2011

Glove Luv: Outdoor Research’s Vert Glove

Outdoor Research: Vert Gloves  MSRP: $65  Warm when you're active, tough, and easy to put on even when you're hands are soaked.

The main reason I like the Verts so much is because they aren’t over insulated. That means there are many times when they aren’t the best glove for the job for either…

Nov 26 2011

Rerun: Craft Beer Primer

Originally published in Couloir Vol. IX-2, Nov. 1996

You’re not aching for a glass of water — what you really want is a beer. Not just any old beer, but one you can wrap your tongue around and taste. Not some cheap, near beer (as common as slope dopes on corduroy), but a beer that shares your passion for quality and uniqueness. Maybe any beer will do, but how about enjoying the taste and aroma as well as the wetness?

Nov 21 2011

Caught! Avalanche incident

Aaron and Laney enjoying fresh on Donner Peak's E side.

With cold temperatures and a not so deep snowpack depth hoar forms easily at the ground level, especially in the intermountain ranges like the Wasatch and Rockies. Add to that a fresh dump with a lot of mass and the ever eager skier to trigger it and you have the perfect formula for an avalanche fatality.

Nov 16 2011

Review: Barryvox Pulse (2011, v3.0)

Captions info

Overview The Pulse doesn’t just up the ante from two to three antennas, but four. However, truth be told the value of this fourth antenna is as obvious as an appendix. To even mention the availability of this perhaps detracts from the value of the Pulse. The fourth antenna does nothing to help you find …

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Nov 15 2011

S. Lake Tahoe Ski Swap Nov. 19th

Looking for deals on backcountry and cross-country ski gear? Or a chance to prune your oversized gear closet? Hope Valley Outdoors will be hosting a ski swap this Saturday at Lake Tahoe Community College in South Lake Tahoe. There will be a 20% service charge on all items sold (deducted from sale price) to benefit …

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Nov 14 2011

Review: K2 Wayback Skis

Plenty of rocker, but thankfully, not a dramatic amount of early rise to the shovel.

The main reason K2′s Wayback ski didn’t become my go to ski last year had nothing to do with the skis performance. For starters, one of the goals for last season was to test a small group of old school fatties. Translation, skis with a waist width somewhere around 90mm; skinny by current standards, but …

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