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Mar 30 2011

Review: Doc Allen’s Versatool

Doc Allen's Versatool

After years of carrying all manner of compact – and not so compact – ratcheting screw drivers, Swiss Army knives, and multi-tools into the field, I serendipitously stumbled across what might be the perfect screwdriver set for individuals or groups who want a real screwdriver in the field but wince at having to schlep anymore …

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Mar 29 2011

First Look: BD’s Compactor Ski Pole

The Compactor. FlickLock™ length adjustment and it folds down to only XX inches (XX cm) long.  click to enlarge

As soon as I was introduced to Black Diamond’s Z-Pole concept I was thinking how appropriate it would be for snowboarders. The only problem was, the baskets that came with the Z-Poles were too small for anything but corn snow. That and the fact that the tips were manufactured in such a way that replacing …

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Mar 28 2011

Review: K2′s LockJaw Ski Poles

K2's Carbon/Alu Lockjaw ski pole.

The new LockJaw® Carbon/Carbon and Carbon/Alu ski poles from K2 take the concept of functionality for a ski pole to a new level. The core features remain, like the Lock-Jaw® clamp that holds reliably and is easy to adjust. But what originally distinguished K2’s backcountry ski poles from the competition, depth readings and slope indicators, …

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Mar 25 2011

Tahoe gets buried!

This shows the snowfall for the last week - MINUS the 3-6 feet that fell in the last 24 hours.  click to enlarge

Wow! We’ve had a lot of snow this ten-11 season, more than I’ve ever experienced since moving to the Tahoe area, but yesterday took the prize with a cold, fluffy layer of icing on an already phat cake of snow. The snowfall backed off around midnight, but the winds remain high so there is lots …

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Mar 22 2011

The Need for Knee Pads

Back in the day knee pads were worn because you had to drive low to control skinny skis with leather boots and pins. Thus, we wore 'me like a dorky badge of honor.  click to enlarge

Make no mistake about it, if you telemark, it’s not a matter of if, but when you will need a pair of knee pads to save your precious knees. You can make all the excuses you want about how your stance is tall and you never ski low so your knees aren’t at risk but …

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Mar 18 2011

Ten-11, D24: Secret Stash


“Look, I blew you off the other day because I’m terrible at mornings man.” “Don’t sweat it. You got the goods, I had to be chained to a desk, so good call.” “Where can we go that’s close?” “I know a good avy chute with a cornice hanging above it. Excellent line if it holds. …

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Mar 17 2011

Ball of Foot Pressure in a Deep Telemark Turn?


I stand in my workshop hacksaw in hand, old tele boots strewn about the floor. A pair of old gara’s sit on the work bench surrounded by plastic shavings with a freshly cut gash through the bellows. Am I a deranged AT skier acting out every Tele skiers worst nightmare? Of course not, I’m a …

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