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Dec 26 2010

Ten-11, Day 6

The view looking SE from the top of Jake's Peak, Christmas Eve morning. Click to enlarge.

What a difference 365 days makes. It is why I don’t buy all the hulabaloo from weather forecasters about El Nino, La Nina, or global warming. The weather is what it is, and no matter what we do to try to control it, the best way to deal with it is to roll with it. …

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Dec 23 2010

Watchin’ the Weather:

What transpired between Dec. 15-19, 2010.

Snowhounds love to watch the weather. Not just to see what’s coming, or know when to enjoy what it has wrought, but to go out and embrace it while it’s happening. It’s part of why I like skinning up in a storm. You’re totally immersed in a swirling dance of snowflakes. No matter whether they’re …

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Dec 18 2010

Trimming Tele Fat

2 buckles, good walk mode, excellent lateral stiffness, smooth flexing.

Telemark equipment has gotten ridiculously heavy. Like many telemark skiers I kept adding more so I could enjoy unlimited terrain options; burlier boots, fatter skis, wider skins and heavier, more powerful bindings. Before long I was hauling over 10 pounds per foot into the wilds. Since 1990, the weight on our telemark feet has nearly …

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Dec 15 2010

Review: Pieps 30° Plus inclinometer

Fast and easy angle measurement for $100

If you have reason to measure slope angles accurately, you would be hard pressed to beat the convenience of Pieps 30° PLUS. It’s a small, light device that measures slope angle in any orientation quickly and accurately. How does it work? With some electronic wizardry on a chip that measures gravitational acceleration in three axes. …

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Dec 14 2010

More snow comin’

Prediction on Dec. 15, 2010 for snow accumulation by Dec. 21, 2010. Bring it on!

Awoke to the sound of rain this morning. When it rains in the summer in Tahoe I love it. When it rains in the winter in Tahoe, I’ve come to accept it. The bungalow we rent is at 5850′ feet. It is low enough in elevation that when warm storms come in, they manifest themselves …

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Dec 12 2010

Jackson heads home

On the road for a bit, but heard some good news on Dick Jackson. Dick’s the owner of Aspen Expeditions, a mountain guiding service out of Aspen. Besides being one of America’s premier guides he’s an experienced paraglider. This past October he had a bad landing after gliding off Mt. Sopris near Carbondale, Colorado. He …

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Dec 07 2010

Ten-11, day 3

Took another solo tour on Sunday that started as trip to the pool for a workout. As soon as I turned onto the freeway my eyes saw the crest of the Sierra around Anderson Peak. There had been fresh snow up high and the sight beckoned like it always does when the sky is blue …

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