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Oct 04 2013

TR: Freshies on Mt. Hood’s ZigZag Glacier

Booting up to the top of the saddle beneath Illumination Rock.

September 26th freshies on the Zigzag, Mt. Hood from   Ryan and I had tried to make turns together after we met through a mutual friend last fall but for one reason or another we didn’t make it work until Thursday. Oregon got a two day storm that dropped what we were hoping was …

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Jan 27 2012

TR: Crater Lake Circumnavigation

Wizard Island just before The Watchman.

We made good time and saw no other tracks for the rest of the trip except for one set of ski tracks. We would follow this set of tracks the entire way around. One track, no stops or camps, except for a few places where the the skier probably paused for a water or food break. With this unknown jibbers tracks for inspiration, we jibbed on.