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May 12 2014

BCTalk: Colorado is STILL skiing

Photo by James. Coloradoooooooooh!

Colorado is reaping its just deserts lately. After several years of meager conditions, in spite of man’s meddling, God is sending a thrilling end to a solid season. Even in the parched Sierra, the storms continue to dust the land, but those same storms seem to be saving their full strength for Colorado. Witness a …

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Dec 16 2013

BCTalk: Upvalley from Gothic, CO

Backcountry Talk contributor Elinck lands dream job in Gothic, Colorado.

  It looks as though new forum member elinck’s position as winter caretaker at some sort of Colorado scientific facility could very well dethrone Alaskan snow pole inspector as everybody’s current dream job. It’s roughly a four-mile ski from the trailhead along the closed/unplowed road into the townsite, so groceries and beer are sort of …

Keep making backcountry turns