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Apr 20 2015

BC Skate Skiing in Desolation Wilderness

Skating across Aloha Lake, Desolation Wilderness, California

There’s a group of Nords in the Tahoe area that love to get out and take extended skate tours in the backcountry. As with any other form of skiing, the majority of folks skate ski on a groomed track at a resort, a XC ski area, or Nordic Center. Conditions for good skating, a firm …

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May 21 2014

Sierra spring skiing keeps delivering

E-Side - Basin Mt. in the center, Mt. Tom on the right.

  It’s the heart of spring across the American West and the mountains are going off! In Tahoe, just about every activity outdoor enthusiasts pursue are accessible these days. Paddleboarding, mountain biking, rock climbing, kite surfing-you name it and people have been getting after it. If you haven’t hung up your boards for the season …

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Apr 21 2014

TR: North side of Mt. Lassen

The days harvest in the NE bowloir on Mt. Lassen.

  Meeting people through the internet has always seemed a bit weird. The concept isn’t what is weird. Meeting strangers at a party, in a bar, through a dating service, or a notice on a kiosk is always a bit of an adventure with the unknown. The internet is just the electronic version of how …

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Apr 04 2014

TR: Tahoe rallys for best day of the season

Kris Thomas drops off Anderson Ridge near Sugar Bowl.

  The smiles around Tahoe are pretty deep this week. Most days you can find a smile on the face of any Tahoe local, especially if they’re a skier in the middle of winter. Work not withstanding, being in one of the finest places in the world to shred snow fosters an optimism that is …

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Feb 06 2014

BCTalk: BC Dog Days in Tahoe

It may not be chest deep for men, but it's delightful from a dog's eye view.

  We were doing it “doggie-style” today with my BC canine buddy Jake — mchin

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May 26 2013

Mono Lake’s Black Point

There is definitely still snow on the E Side, but the best place to ski was undeniably at Mammoth.

  The main goal was to simply get outa Dodge. A secondary goal was to go prepared to make some turns. It was possible, but we had to admit, the fanaticism to ski mediocre conditions has left us. We’ve become snot-nosed, cherry-pickin’ Tahoe locals who turn our noses up when we have to hoist our …

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Apr 29 2013

TR: Shasta via Avalanche Gulch

Shano Collins rips up Shasta corn.

  Ordinarily April is a good month to ski Mt. Shasta, but May is more reliable weather wise. However, the weather pattern for this season was well established; the much anticipated big storm at the end of the season was not going to arrive. That meant, as soon as we could coordinate schedules and head …

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