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Aug 03 2012

TR: Skiing the Wickersham Wall – Pt. V

The upper half of the Canadian Route of Denali's Wickersham Wall.

© 1994 May 24, Summit Day Departing the all–too–familiar fester dome at 12:30 p.m. we were stalled by howling winds and an upper peak lenticular. Three hours later we loaded up and set off in calm winds with the lightest packs we’d carried. Cramponing up the final 2900 feet unroped on firm saastrugi was a …

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Jul 27 2012

Skiing the Wickersham Wall – Pt. IV

Official view from the NPS of Denali from the NE, looking up the Muldrow Glacier. South Peak on the left, North Peak on the right.

© 1994 1994, May 17, Day V on the Wall One more perfect day followed before a cloud bank appeared and we narrowly escaped a whiteout on the descent from 14,500′ to the serac camp at 11,000′. Skins worked well on the ascent to 12,800′, where the Canadian Route becomes a knife–edge ridge dropping away …

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Jul 20 2012

TR: Skiing the Wickersham Wall – Pt. III


© 1994   1994: May 11, Day VII of the approach In clear weather we skinned across the Peters Glacier, trying to focus on the views rather than contemplate its hidden dangers. With only two of us on this checkerboard of crevasses we were nervous, the saga of Jim Wickwire and Chris Kerebrock always at …

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Jul 13 2012

TR: Skiing the Wickersham Wall – Pt. II

Classic B&W view of the Wickersham Wall. Photo by Bradford Washburn.

  1994: May 4-5, The adventure begins… A storm kept our photographer Bill Stevenson, John, and I from departing on May fourth, but we hit a good send-off party with halibut, moose, and beer instead. We finalized gear the next morning, and taxied across the runway in John’s sleek white ’76 Caddy. Motivation was high. …

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Jul 06 2012

TR (’94): Skiing the Wickersham Wall – Part I

Looking down the Wickersham Wall - a 14,470-vertical foot ski line.

A slide now, while skiing in the center of the upper face, would carry me over 10,000-feet over cliffs and icefalls to a frozen, broken death. But we were confident in the results of our snow stability tests and I was having the run of my life, the culmination of every moment I’ve ever spent in the mountains. The higher power, grinning from ear-to-ear, had given us the nod. We got away with it!

Mar 23 2012

Truckee Conditions 23mar12

Even in difficult, breakable crust conditions I managed to skim a few turns in without breaking through. Ahhhh!

My tour for the morning, a simple workout tour to get a sweat for the day, revealed the bane of all good tours – breakable crust – was everywhere. It was the perfect blend of being thick enough to almost hold you, but not quite. As soon as you put your weight on it, it …

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Nov 01 2010

TR: August skiing in Alaska


  There aren’t very many places that beckon skiers to the “Call of the Wild” in late summer like Alaska. I still have vivid memories of a movie adventurer who was dropped off by a bush pilot in a remote area of Alaska when it sunk in to him just how much of a commitment …

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