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Dec 18 2013

Tech Tip: Hot scrape to clean ski bases

This pair of skis hadn't seen wax in over a year. They were whitish with oxidation and yielded up this harvest of grime.

  Aside from avoiding skiing in thin, early-season snow one of the best ways to care for your skis is by waxing them. Most skiers wax their skis so they glide faster. While many backcountry skiers don’t bother waxing, rationalizing that they’re not concerned with winning any downhill medals, there are additional reasons to wax …

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Apr 08 2013

Technique: Waxing Skins – How & Why

Glopped up! Time to stop and administer a waxy cure.

  Waxing skins is an essential part of taking care of your climbing skins which will also improve their performance. While skins are used for their climbing ability, their ability to glide when sliding between grip modes will help you climb faster. It does so two ways. Wax On? Most importantly it can prevent a …

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May 11 2012

Prepping skis for summer storage

Wax on...

As a general rule, unless skis have been protected during the summer with a layer of wax, they will need to have the bases re-prepared. During ski season, skis that are periodically waxed probably do not need any additional care except for waxing.