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Jul 08 2013

Technique: Avoiding avalanche trouble

As has become tradition, July 4th was a Delta weekend, which means windsurfing and/or kiteboarding. Sherman Island local Ray dropped by and we got in to a bit of a conversation about the perils of kiting and how his hang gliding and parasailing friends are always testing their release systems before they ever get airborne. …

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Jun 22 2011

Kiteboarding 101: Not sailing – FLYING!

Windsurfing the central coast of California.

If windsurfing is like sailing, then kiteboarding is like flying. Who can say they’ve never shared the dreams of Iccarus? To be sure, it isn’t really flying, but after finally taking lessons from Bruce Sheldon I found out in short order, the similarity is more true than not. As a die-hard skier, windsurfing became my …

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